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AMERICAN CRIMES is the most realistic show on tv at present.  One actually hates some of the characters, and one really sympathises with many of the characters, in spite of their misfortunes, or prejudices.  The directing is superb, and the acting fantastic.  The photography is unusual, but lends itself perfectly to the way the story is told. 

Once Charlie Sheen was forced to leave TWO AND A HALF MEN, the series degenerated into farce and repetition.  

The last few seasons of THE BIG BANG THEORY has largely deteriorated into slapstick and repetition.  

The ARROW loses all credibility when Malcom Merlin is not killed by Oliver Queen, in spite of Oliver's repeated claims that "You have failed my city"; especially when Malcolm Merlin was responsible for the murder of the largest number of people (in fact a massacre).  The series loses more credulity after Thea's father comes back from having being killed in a much earlier episode; and especially when Oliver survives being stabbed by a sword through the abdomen, falls off a high cliff, lies in the snow for an unknown period, and is still miraculously alive. 

The DOVEKEEPERS is a sensationalisation of fornication - a mixture of Jewish history, shades of grey (whatever that means), and the Bible, without much purpose or morality. 

THE FOLLOWING ceases to be a dramatic story.  The initial innovative episodes of linking the series to the stories Edgar Alan Poe, with extremely evil, credible and identifiable villains at first - from the chief perpetrator, Joe Carrol, to his lovely evil pixie, lover and chief disciple, Valorie Curry, to the mother of the twins, Lilly Gray - all formidable characters, has become just another hunt for serial killers, another humdrum series about love affairs and side stories.  Except for the leader of the sect, all the chief antagonists were killed off in the last series. 
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UNDER THE DOME loses its effectiveness, when the main heroine, Angie McAllister (Britt Robertson), who is supposed to be the link to the butterflies, and the saviour of the people under the dome, is killed off at the end of the first season. 
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ALICE IN WONDERLAND was perhaps the best photographed series with extremely beautiful close-ups of the very strong characters.  However it had a short-lived run - with only one season, Alice being married off in the end.  And so a potentially beautiful series comes to an end. 

ONCE UPON A TIME, on the other hand, a hodge-podge of everything from A Thousand And One Nights and the stories of the brothers Grimm, from Sleeping Beauty to the adventures of Peter Pan, is completely unoriginal - a total lack of imagination, combined with plagiarism - and yet it continues … .

Amongst the plethora of violent and crime series, the resurrections and the superheroes, DOWNTON ABBEY, remains a series dealing with day-to-day human problems, from those of the aristocracy to those of the servants.  Because of its subtlety, and identification with its characters, the most devastating rape scene imaginable is the one that is not actually shown. 

NASHVILLE remains the only American series that deals effectively with human problems, albeit many of them being those of superstars.  And except for the gratuitous murder of the mayor's girlfriend (which remains unexplained), and some of the gratuitous sexual encounters, especially the one of Scarlet O'Connor (Clare Bowen) with her producer, and Juliette Barnes (Hayden Panettiere) with the mercenary, heartless producer (Jeff Fordham/Oliver Hudson), the series confronts the characters' problems realistically. 

GRACEPOINT was another series that slowly unraveled the misconceptions and misleading clues over nine weeks, without revealing the any clues until the very last episode: but that was perhaps its only downfall - it was too sudden to be effective. 

The slow disentangling of a murder was best done in MURDER ONE: it pursued the solving and prosecution of one murder over an entire season of 13 weeks.  (when a season was a season in the United States). 

The LACK OF LOYALTY of many of the actors and actresses these days is evident from them suddenly being killed off suddenly, so that they can star in a more lucrative career, in a movie, or take part in a more prominent role in another series.  This is the collapse of so many series, including Under The Dome and The Following.  The poaching of accomplished actors from one series by other companies and channels for tv or film seems to be quite succesful. 

ps I only have the public channels: ABC, CBS, NBC, PBS, CW to watch; and a plethora of Christian, Spanish, shopping, and now some European and Asian programmes at my disposal. 

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