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     In the 'civilized' 21st century, more people are dying from war, violence, persecution, malnutrition and preventable diseases than at any other time in history - in spite of the propaganda

     In the technologically advanced 21st century, in spite of the meaningless slogans after the wars of the northern hemisphere - "never again" and "the war to end all wars" - more people are fleeing war, turmoil, and oppression than at any other time in history. 

     After the second ‘world’ war, and the atrocities of the German government, and the formation of the United Nations, the UN sanctioned its first war in 1950 - led by the United States against North Korea. 

     Then the US waged war against the people of Viet Nam, Cambodia and Laos, leading to at least 3 million refugees - this besides the massacre of civilians, and the deaths and atrocities inflicted against the people, with the use of agent orange and napalm. 

     In addition, the United States has been responsible for overthrowing the legitimate government of Mohammad Mossaddegh in Iran in 1953, for overthrowing the democratically elected government of Salvador Allende in Chile 1973, and for the military coup against the democratically elected government of the Muslim Brotherhood in 2013. 

     At the end of the 20th century and the beginning of the 21st century, there is still human slavery and cannibalism, there is the massacre of a million children, women and men in Rwanda in 1994; the genocide of 100,000 people in East Timor in the 1990's; and the rape of Muslim women and the massacre of 27,000 Muslim men and boys in Europe in 1995. 

     From 1919 to 1939, five million refugees were accepted by the United States and Europe, after the Russian Revolution.  In 1956, 200,000 Hungarians were eagerly welcomed in Europe. 
South Africa granted medical certificates to a boatload of people who had fled communist Poland - even though they had no documents to prove their claims.  The north Americans and Europeans were just too glad to accept people from the communist countries as a means for propaganda during the second ‘world’ war and the ‘cold’ war - even accepting convicted criminals from Cuba. 

     But the north American, European and Russian wars against Muslims has led to the displacement of an unprecedented number of deaths and refugees since the 1980's.  

     There are now at least 60 million refugees in the world, according to the United Nations.  People are fleeing the wars waged against them by the western governments - from Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and Tunisia, amongst others. 

     The Russian war against Afghanistan led to more than 8 million people seeking refuge abroad: 4 million people to Iran and 4 million to Pakistan alone, besides those who were forced into exile in their own country; in addition to the large number of deaths and casualties inflicted upon the people of Afghanistan.  (The UNHCR has no figures for how many people actually fled Afghanistan from 1980 -1991!). 

     In the Russian genocide against the people of Chechnya in the 1990's, the atrocities against the people led to thousands of Muslims being massacred by the Russians.  (Again the UNHCR do not have statistics for these massacres or the number of refugees). 

     Then the Serbian war against Muslims led to 1 million people fleeing Bosnia and Herzegovina in the mid 1990's - in addition to the rape of Muslim women and the massacre of 27,000 Muslim men and boys. 

     After the extended occupation of Palestine and the increasing atrocities of the Israelis, there were already 96,000 people fleeing Palestine in 1990 alone. 

     In 2013 alone, 2.5 million people fled Iraq, where the western powers invaded a sovereign state more than a decade earlier, without any justification at all - to ‘impose’ western democracy, to steal oil, to destroy Iraq, and to defend Israel. 

     In Syria, at least 330,000 people have been killed, 8 million people have been internally displaced, and more than 4 million Syrians have fled abroad since 2011 - ie half the population in the country has been banished from their homes - of these 2 million people have sought refuge in Turkey, more than 1 million in Lebanon, and more than a million in other Arab countries, including Jordan, Saudi Arabia (labelled as ‘visitors’), Iraq, Egypt, Libya, Tunisia and Morocco. 

     Only now is there a ‘refugee crisis’ / ‘migrant crisis’ - now that 650,000 Muslims, are seeking refuge in Europe. 

     Of those countries most responsible for the wars against the Muslims, the USA and the UK have taken the least amount of refugees from any of these conflicts they have inflicted: the USA, for instance, has taken only 1,500 refugees from Iraq - mainly collaborators

     Most of these statistics obviously do not include the sheer horror of war - it does not include the men, women and children who have been killed or maimed by these colonial invasions, by the landmines and depleted uranium bombs used by the western regimes and Israel; it does not include the people still facing turmoil in their own homes, those exiled in their own country, or the people banished from their own country - due to the aggression of the foreign forces. 

     Instead of addressing the root causes of why people leave their comfortable homes and businesses - (for which the western governments (including Russia) are responsible) - the western media keep blaming Assad, Iran, Hizb'Allah, ISIS and ‘traffickers’.  Instead, the blame lies squarely with the western perpetrators who have invaded all these sovereign states - with the collusion of the United Nations and the International Atomic Energy Agency.  Most of all, blame the United States; blame big Bush and little Bush; blame their poodle, Tony Blair - for the tortures, massacres, kidnappings and unsubstantiated wars; blame Clinton for bombing Afghanistan; blame Powell for justifying the invasion of Iraq; blame Obama for continuing the incarceration and torture of people without trial for 15 years, for continuing the wars, for killing innocent people with drones; blame the European nations for being minions of the US; blame Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Egypt and Morocco for doing the bidding of their masters.  Blame Russia for invading Afghanistan, blame Putin for bombing guerilla fighters and civilians in Syria; but most of all blame the United States - the greatest threat to world peace - for invading Iraq again and again, for invading Afghanistan, for invading Syria - for the children, women and men fleeing their homes, for the deaths and the massacres of civilians. 

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